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ahh my first post on LJ, i was told i would lose my soul if i did such a thing, luckily i already traded it for a candybar from the nice man down the street. hmm announcements? ; im making paws, and  and have a tail and earz. came back from a rave in SF where i went alone and semi purposely got lost int he city. perhaps understandably the locals weren't completely weird-ed out by a guy in earz and a tail and i made friends with many of the local pimps. i was stood up by the girl that was the main reason for my tans state excursion wich really sux, bet made a lot of friends at the rave including some very attractive girls that helped ease my wounded heart and ego. i was approached for the first time by 3 furries(nonsuited) two of which were named chris, asking me if i went to FC (which seemed a polite way of asking if i was a furry... kinda), but unfortunately i lost their #'s and contact info. on monday i meet with my first furry from online, so ill see how that goes.


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